FOKUS – the Company

Languages are always changing, adapting, growing… and so are we.

Fokus Sprachen & Seminare offers much more than a standard course using a book from the 90’s. Since 1985 we have been gathering experience, but at the same time staying at the cutting edge of language and communication skills training.

Since starting the business we have been designing courses for individuals and companies based on their needs, establishing a reputation for quality, flexibility and a “can do” approach. Our trainers are the key: university graduates with language teaching qualifications and training skills who are interculturally aware and experienced in business. We understand the importance of the right “chemistry” in the classroom and recruit trainers we would be happy to be taught by.

Our expertise as communication trainers means we are able to offer language courses and more: intercultural training, business and management skills coaching, personal development coaching and a range of other seminars to help you communicate more effectively with other people.

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