Visas for language courses and students

A visa for language courses is only valid for three months and entitles the holder of the visa to take a language course. It is not possible to extend this visa in Germany. In the case that you would like to begin your studies after completing a German course, you will have to declare this when applying for the visa and ask for a residence authorisation for studying. This applies to EU-citizens as well as for citizens from:

Andorra, Australia, Canada, Honduras, Iceland, Israel, Japan, Liechtenstein, Monaco, New Zealand, Norway, San Marino, South Korea, Switzerland and the United States of America.

Citizens from the aforementioned nations need the authorisation for studying only. Be sure to apply for the visa three months after arriving in Germany at the latest. For the relevant visa, please contact the responsible public authority. Find further information here:

Schengen Visa and National Visa

If you are from a country not mentioned above, you will require a Schengen-Visa that entitles you to stay up to three months per 6 month stay. It is not possible to extend this visa in Germany.

If you would like to stay for longer than three months and are prohibited from entering Germany without a visa, you will need a National Visa.

Please ensure that you are well-informed concerning the various conditions and requirements as there are different regulations for different countries and it can take up to 3 months to process a visa. The German embassy in your home country or the consulate of the Federal Republic of Germany will provide you with additional information.

The German Federal Foreign Office will provide you with detailed information on entry requirements:


Health Insurance Coverage

If you would like to visit Germany to do a language course and/or you are 30 years or older, it is mandatory to procure private health insurance. There are special insurance tariffs starting from 26€/monthly that cover ambulant and hospital treatment as well as dental care.

Applications for insurance can be filed online. You will receive the documents by post and can use them when applying for or extending your Visa, as they fulfil the requirements set by the German Embassy and the German Federal Foreign Office. In the case that your visa application is declined, the insurance contract can be cancelled at no additional cost.

Liability and Personal Accident Insurance

Your health insurance cover can be upgraded to include liability and accident insurance. This insurance covers any material damage and personal accidents and casualties – regardless of whether you caused the accident or not. These upgrades are available from 2€ per month as a package in combination with a health insurance.