Get your German skills officially documented

After every course you have the chance to document your recently acquired German skills by sitting an exam – professional or general-language. These exams are available at all levels. FOKUS courses prepare you for a wide range of examinations which you can sit at our school – FOKUS is an associate of the TELC gGmbH and has the license to conduct TELC, TestDaF and DSH tests.  

TELC (The European Language Certificates)

FOKUS is a certified examining institution for TELC ‘(The European Language Certificates). The TELC examination is an internationally recognised certificate of language competence. The certificates are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Language Learning and Teaching (CEFR) with six reference levels.

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You can sit the following telc examinations at our premises in Munich:


  • telc Deutsch A1: general language exam after an average of 100 – 150 teaching units taken

  • telc Deutsch A2: general language exam after an average of 200 – 300 teaching units taken

  • telc Deutsch A2+ Beruf: exam for language competence in a business environment

  • Zertifikat Deutsch/telc Deutsch B1: recognised as proof of sufficient language competence for a German citizenship application

  • telc B1+ Beruf: exam for professional purposes, level is a bit higher than Zertifikat Deutsch

  • telc B1 B2 Beruf: exam for German language competence at a level of an independent user in a workplace oriented context

  • telc Deutsch B1 B2 Pflege: exam for nursing staff for professional purposes in nursing and geriatric care

  • telc Deutsch B2: general language exam, upper intermediate level

  • telc B2+ Beruf: language competence in a business environment, upper intermediate level

  • telc C1 (modifiziertes Format 2016): general language exam, advanced level

  • telc C1 Beruf: language competence in a business environment, advanced level

  • telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule: exam for German knowledge on advanced academic level

  • telc Deutsch C2: general language exam, level: near nativeness

TELC Test Preparation

At FOKUS Munich, our course formats are developed according to the CEFR and will prepare you for the respective exam.

We offer 4 days of intensive training in the week before the exam:

  • Preparing every examination subject
  • Small, efficient groups
  • Individual support for course members
  • Full mock exam
  • taught by trainers with TELC-experience
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It is also possible to take a 1-1 preparation course which focuses on preparing you for your specific examination. The fee for one unit (corresponds to 45 minutes) is 45,-€. The number of units and the arrangement of appointments will be planned individually by the trainer and the course participant according to the participant's needs.

Test German as a Foreign Language (TestDaf)

TestDaf is a substitute for the entry examination for German universities (DSH) and the German language diploma of the ministry of education (DSD II).This examination has the allocation B2 to C1/2, in accordance with the CEFR levels (European Language Certificates).

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German language university entrance exam for foreign students (DSH)

DHS is the entrance examination to universities in Germany. This examination is for applicants who have a valid accreditation for the term following the test date. It is compulsory for all university applicants to successfully pass this test in order to prove their ability to complete a degree programme in German, that is, easily follow lectures in the German language and discuss various academic subjects, either verbally or in writing.

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