FOKUS German for Expats

Go down well.

Language training and relocation service: the all-round carefree package by FOKUS

Moving to a foreign country to work and live there is quite a lope. Along with the new language you have to deal with a couple of other problems, especially if your family accompanies you. FOKUS can help you getting a head start. In the last 30 years we have gained a lot of experience working with expats. We have helped individual employees as well as whole departments of international renowned companies to gain a foothold in Germany.

We offer in-house courses in your company and face-to-face trainings at your home also involving your family members. We will assist you with tackling the challenges of the new start, with the authorities, administration and with socializing. We will be happy to provide advice.

Of course you can also join our regular evening classes in our language school. Be inspired by the pleasant and productive atmosphere of our small group courses to productively acquire the necessary language skills and to exchange experiences with the course members. If you have less time, why not attending an intensive course? For further information please ask our team.

German for Expats: Go down well.