FOKUS Intensive Courses

For beginners, intermediate and advanced alike

Learn German as intensively and quickly as possible with a FOKUS German Intensive course

In Europe, more than 120 Million people speak German. A good command of the German language is your passport to German universities and the German job market.  Our German intensive course will give you a good grasp of the basics as well as providing you with a sound extension to your existing German language skills. You will be amazed by how quickly you will progress with 20 units per week over four weeks.

German Intensive Courses – For beginners, intermediate and advanced alike

Our trainers' expertise and experience combined with the students’ motivation will enable you to acquire the language quickly and easily. Level A1 and A2 will teach you everyday German, level B1 and B2 will prepare you for your studies and your profession respectively and will also help you to prepare for the DSH-test (German language examination for admission to university). Level C1 and C2 will help you perfect the language and achieve confidence and competence in German.  

The duration of an intensive course is one month. There is a daily appointment running for 3 hours (corresponds to 4 units).

Feel at home in Germany – with FOKUS German Intensive Courses

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