FOKUS Professional German

Evening- or Intensive course

Professional German

Evening- or Intensive course, small groups or face-to-face – FOKUS is open to any special requests and will show you what makes the German job market tick.

A good command of the German language is essential to your success in the workplace as well as an important basis for integration in Germany.

For us, learning German is not only about broaching the issues of vocabulary and grammar, but also dealing with the cultural differences and every-day situations of German business life. Our German course for Professionals can be taken as an intensive course, evening course, 1-1 or small group training.

How should we speak to colleagues and about what? How are decisions made? How do I detect the unwritten rules of German business culture? These are the types of situations that we will prepare you for in the training.  

Whether baker or broker – we’ll prepare you for your next challenge

Apart from giving you job-specific vocabulary, you will learn the correct terminology for internal and external communication, meetings and negotiations as well as the idiomatic expressions for every possible situation within the workplace.

Furthermore, you will be trained to speak with ease about your position in the company and sharpen your intercultural awareness in the professional world. The course will also prepare you for the ZDfB-exam (Professional German Certificate) which FOKUS conducts every other month. This is a good start to your career in Germany.

Professional German – the key to your career

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